Is There A "Girl Crisis" In The EduSphere?

It's no secret that teaching is a female dominated field. When it comes to education blogs, however, the opposite seems true. Based on my highly unscientific look at over 50 education blogs, men seem to outnumber women by a large margin -- even among the classroom blogs where you'd think there might be more women.

This isn't about quality. There are some excellent blogs run by women (Joanne Jacobs' blog, for example) and some frighteningly good female bloggers working on group blogs (AFT Michele [oops -- that's Beth] and School Me's Janine Kahn come to mind). But still it seems a shame (and it's not just blogs -- there are considerably less female columnists than male ones at most papers).

Where are all the female bloggers? Even with the possibility of anonymity, are women in education less likely to want to share their thoughts this way? Or are women falling into the role society has made for them -- mothers and wives -- and men are filling their role made by society of being more inclined towards opinion and self promotion?

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Yo, it's not quantity, it's quality!

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