Go, Lutheran Schools!

Who cares that private school kids don't do much better than public school ones, once you control for income, parents' education, etc. (Public Schools Perform Near Private Ones in Study)? That's just confusing statistical crap.

Ask any private school parent -- all that really matters is that richer kids with more educated parents still do better than poor ones with less-educated parents -- and that Lutheran schools kick conservative Christian schools' asses. (Go, Lutheran schools!)

Kudos to the folks at the AFT Blog -- and to NYTers Diana Jean Schemo and Alison Mitchell -- for the blog's mention in the Saturday's story. However, the timing of the report's release might not seem so smart on Tuesday, when the Secretary has to take questions about the report at press conference about a new "scholarship" proposal on the Hill. Doh!

UPDATE: Firing from the left, the Washington Monthly responds with: "I don't think this report is exactly cause for breaking out champagne among public school champions."


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