Friday Roundup: Articles I Should Have Blogged Already

Study Documents ‘Ghetto Tax' NYT
Poor urban residents frequently pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year in extra costs for everyday necessities. Some of the disparities were due to real differences in the cost of doing business in poor areas, some to predatory financial practices and some to consumer ignorance.

Muzzling Sex Education NYT
While about two-thirds of states require public schools to teach about H.I.V. and sexually transmitted diseases, fewer than half mandate sex education, and most stress abstinence, according to a survey by the Guttmacher Institute, a research group.

For 7th Grade Jocks, Is There Ever an Off-Season? NYT
"Specialty sports camps are on the increase as young athletes focus on playing one sport year-round, and the competition to make the best teams stiffens. In spite of holdouts like Mrs. Weber — and the concerns of some exercise experts and psychologists — many parents, children and coaches say that these camps are essential for benchwarmers looking to start or for aspiring players desperately seeking to make varsity."

Online age verification may prove complex Seattle Post Intelligencer
MySpace has recently implemented policies designed to better separate kids from adults. Among the changes, adult MySpace users must already know a 14- or 15-year-old user's e-mail address or full name to initiate contact or view a profile containing personal information. However, because age is self-reported, as it is at similar sites, adults could simply sign up as minors.

On your mark, get set: Science! CS Monitor
On 'Iron Science Teacher,' competitors are told the ingredient in advance so they can develop an activity, but once they're on stage, they have only 10 minutes to assemble and present their science lesson.


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