Education Writers:
Who's Who -- And Where Are They Now?

I don't know exactly why I started making this table of education writers past and present, but once I started I couldn't stop. I guess it's fascinating to see who's where, and what folks have moved on to doing.

Clearly, teaching isn't the only field with a lot of attrition. But there's also the question: Do most education writers move on to another beat, or do they stay in education but go to an agency or a nonprofit?

UPDATE: Readers' corrections and additions are noted in red, Wikipedia-style.

Anyway, I realized that if I posted the list publicly, then I'd have to stop -- and maybe folks would help me with additions and corrections, which I desperately need. (In fact, I just realized that I left former LA Times writer Richard Colvin off the list -- doh!)

Take a look and let me know where else I messed up. (If you want to download a pretty Word version of click here.) And thanks to Lisa Walker at EWA and Matt Maurer at CommunicationWorks for helping me fill in some of the obvious ones I didn't know.

Remember, it's just a list, and this is just a blog -- if you're not on there it doesn't mean you lost your job, just that I'm a numbskull.



Where Are They Now?

Assoc. Press

Ben Feller

Justin Pope

Nahal Toosi

Anjetta McQueen

Greg Toppo


USA Today


Ledge King

Richard Whitmire

Fredreka Schouten


Education Trust


David Glovin

Elizabeth Willen



Pauline Vu

Kavan Peterson

Eric Kelderman

Tiffany Pache




New York Times

Sam Dillon

Elissa Gootman

S. Freedman (col)

Diana Jean Schemo

David Herszenhorn

Alan Finder

Brent Staples (Ed)

Tamar Lewin

Karen Arenson

Campbell Robinson

Alison Mitchell, ed

Mike Winerip

Rich. Rothstein

Jacques Steinberg

Greg Winter

Ethan Bronner

Jodi Rudoren

Anemona Hartocollis



Media beat



Chicago bureau


Washington Post

Jay Mathews (col)

Nick Anderson

Valerie Strauss

Lois Romano (?)

Michael Fletcher

Michael Dobbs

Linda Perlstein

Larry Feinberg

Michael Fletcher


Book leave



White House

LA Times

Joel Rubin

Mitch Landsberg

Erika Hayasaki

Carla Rivera

Hemmy So

Bob Sipchen (col)

Beth Shuster, editor

Duke Helfland

Richard Cooper

Nick Anderson

Elaine Woo

Richard Colvin

Political beat


Washington Post



Chicago Tribune

Stephanie Banchero

Tracy Dell'Angela

Diane Rado

David Mendel

C. Grumman (ed)

Jodi Cohen

Lori Olszewski

Mike Martinez

Ana Cholo

Other beat

Other beat

Boston Globe

Maria Sacchetti

Tracy Jan

Anand Vashnav

Press Secty

Dallas News

Joshua Benton (col)

Scott Parks

Kent Fischer

Holly Hacker

Robert Dodge


Atlanta J-C

Patti Ghezzi

Mary McDonald

Fran Jeffries (assistant ed)

Chris Reynolds

Heather Vogell

Bridget Guttierez

Keith Graham, ed

Andrea Jones

Laura Diamond

Kristina Torres

Diane Stepp

Dana Tofig

Kelly Simmons

Spokesman for the Georgia Department of Education

magazine for University of Georgia

National Journal

Siobhan Gorman

Brian Friel

Baltimore Sun

Cox News

Andy Mollison



Gillian Gillers


Claudio Sanchez

Steve Drummond


John Merrow

Kevin Dando

USA Today

Greg Toppo

Mary Beth Marklein

R. Whitmire (ed)

US News

Alex Kingsbury

Tom Toch

Ben Wildavsky

Ulrich Boser

Anne McGrath

Mary Lord

Al Sanoff

Ed Sector






Baltimore Sun

Justin Fenton

Liz Bowie

Sara Neufeld

Anica Butler

Gina Davis

Liz Kay

Mike Bowler

Tricia Bishop

Hanah Cho

Howard Libit

Laura Loh

Tanika White


Biz writer

Biz writer

City editor

Grad skul

Fashion beat

Miami Herald

Matt Pinzur

Peter Bailey

Wall Street Journal

Rob Tomsho

Dan Golden

June Kronholz


Christian Science Monitor

Amanda Paulsen

Stacy Teicher

Jacqui Goddard

Gail Chaddock


Philadelphia Inquirer

Martha Woodall

Rose Ciotta

Susan Snyder

Dale Mezzacappa

Jim O'Neill


Dallas Morning News

Seattle Times

Frank Bass

Sanjay Bhatt

Bill Ristow

Linda Shaw


Anne Lewis

Linda Perlstein

Dale Mezzacappa

Ulrich Boeser

Andy Mollison

Joe Williams

Sara Carr

Craig Jerald

Alexander Russo



Anne Hulbert

The New Yorker

Kate Boo

Nick Lemann

Sara Mosle

Columbia Dean

Book project

NYT Magazine

James Traub

Sara Mosle

Other beats

Book project

Col = columnist (in addition to, or as a sole function)

Ed = editorial page writer


Blogger "Ms. Cornelius" said...

And not even mentioning the teacher bloggers who have quit teaching.... There are loads of 'em!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both Colvin and Richard Rothstein (and Gene Maeroff, who should be added) are doing things related to Columbia Teachers College.

10:23 PM  
Blogger Matthew I. Pinzur said...

Our education staff also includes Peter Bailey (classroom issues), Hannah Sampson (Broward County/Fort Lauderdale) and Noah Bierman (higher ed).

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Linda Pearlstein used to be a Wash Post reporter. Michael Fletcher is now covering politics and I think Dobbs is GA, possibly international desk? Jim O'Neill, higher ed reporter for the Philly Inquirer, is now at the Dallas Morning News. Mary Lord, formerly US News & World Report, is now a freelance writer. Jodi Wilgoren also covered ed and now operates in New York Times Chicago bureau (and I think she changed her name?)
Sam Freedman's a columnist, much like Rothstein was. He's actually a prof, I think, at Columbia's j-school.
Andy Mollison was formerly Cox News Service's national ed reporter.
Joe Mathews, Jay's son, covers ed (or did) for LA Times.
You forgot Linda Shaw at Seattle Times! unless she left and I didn't hear...what about Nanette Asimov at San Francisco Chronicle, colleague Tanya Scheyvitz and others?
Robert Beck was the higher ed reporter at the Tribune. I think he left recently?
When you list the reporters at big papers who have lots of them, do you want to list all the ed reporters no matter where they are, or only the ones that cover big districts, higher ed and general issues? 'cause AJC, Chicago, LA Times, and other papers have more ed reporters than that. ....For ex., at AJC, there's Fran Jeffries (assistant ed), Chris Reinolds, Heather Vogell, Bridget Guttierez, etc.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Matthew I. Pinzur said...

I think the AJC staff also still includes my old friend and colleague from the Florida Times-Union, Laura Diamond.

4:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elissa Gootman is another NYT education reporter.

1:29 PM  
Blogger La Maestra said...

Well strike me down! One of my good friends from high school is now one of the education writers on this list! Fantastic!

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Houston Chronicle

Current: Jennifer Fernandez (K-12), formerly education writer (K-12) at the Los Angeles Daily News

Current: Matthew Tresague (Colleges), formerly education writer (colleges) at the Riverside (Calif.) Press-Enterprise

Former: Jason Spencer, now the Chronicle's education editor

5:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lori Olszewski is another education writer at the Tribune.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly, I just discovered this list while googling myself (pathetic, I know) but I can add a couple of clarifications. Both Eric Kelderman and Kavan Peterson are still at Stateline.org, just covering different beats -- Eric Kelderman

7:24 PM  

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