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Woman Obeys "Unwanted Baby Law," Is Arrested Anyway
Education Wonks
All too many times we've read about those tragic incidents where newborn babies have been abandoned by their "mothers" in trash dumpsters, roadside ditches, landfills, and even under the front porch of a home.

We like the parents' union, but we're not Ann Coulter
Steve Barr, the man behind Green Dot charter schools, is making the rounds in edunews for his move to unionize parents.

Brazilians with tiny orange laptops
School Me
The Philippines and Jamaica are eager to flood the United States with well-educated teachers, an MIT brainiac is ready to saturate the world’s classrooms with bright orange $100 laptops, and I’m pondering why, during the 1992 Los Angeles riots, we saw young looters stealing televisions, not computers.

State Budget Heyday Getting Closer
Quick and the Ed
The New York Times reported today that an unexpectedly steep rise in federal tax revenues is driving down projected future budget deficits. If this trend continues, it will have real implications for education funding, because the same economic phenonmena will drive up state tax revenues, particularly in states with federal-style progressive income taxes.


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