Public School Property Tax Blues...and Income taxes?

Daley defends school property tax increase Chicago Sun-Times
Raising property taxes is "always a last resort", but increasing class size is worse, Mayor Daley said Wednesday, defending his decision to sign off on another up-to-the-limit school property tax increase -- of $55 million this time.

The truth about Gov. Perry's public education non-fix: A $6.1 billion budget shortfall & a $23 billion "hot check" Educationnews.org
At the same time Texas Governor Rick Perry is ciruclating ads promoting propety txes cuts, just emerging is that the special session actually created a $6.1 billion shortfall for which there is no solution save an unrealistic forecast os an unprecedented ten-year cycle of boom.

Fund schools with income tax Newsday
As frsuteration with high property taxes mounts on Long Island, more residents than not would prefer funding schools with a local income tax instead, a Newsday/NY1 poll has found.


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