Morning Round-up, June 8, 2006

Audit Disputes $52 Million in School Medicaic Claims NYT
SChol districts in New Jersey billed Medicaid more than $51 million for special education programs, according to a federal audit, filing claims for thousands of speech and physical therapy treatments that they could not prove were necessary.

Vouchers abused, state says
Columbus Dispatch
Legal or not, ethical or not, some private-school parents are enrolling their children in some public schools they don't intend to send them to, in hopes of using state money to pay tution.

Some implications for life found in a preschool year
Boston Globe
When lawmakers consider whether universal preschool is a cost worth considering, they invariably focus on academic preparation, when the real value of a child's fisrt school experience is less measurable, but more profound in its life long implications.

The headline that made me laugh: Out-of-state educators want jobs near beach Miami Herald


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