AFT-EdTrust Conflict Looming Over Teacher Quality

Over at The Chalkboard, Joe Williams picks out a telling comment in a recent Cleveland Plain Dealer story that highlights the looming conflict over teacher quality issues between the EdTrust and the AFT: Tiring of Haycock?

Basically, it seems like the AFT is OK with the EdTrust and others when they stick to describing problems with the distribution and quality of teachers, but increasingly uncomfortable with proposed solutions. (See my post from last week for links to the critical responses from the AFT Blog and the AFT itself.) But that's not going to work for the EdTrust.


Blogger Michele at AFT said...


It would be helpful if you pointed out that the AFT does propose a solution--addressing the supply of teachers in urban school districts and improving working conditions at hard-to-staff schools.



3:31 PM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

good point, michele -- i'm not saying that the AFT doesn't have solutions, just that the AFT solutions and the EdTrust ones don't seem to overlap and that at a certain point that becomes a problem. i'm not saying there's definitely going to be a big AFT/EdTrust blowup -- there are relationships there and it's not EdTrust's style (imagine if they had a blog), but the AFT reactions to the EdTrust report make it clear that everyone's not on the same page.

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