Morning Round-up May 5, 2006

Test taking, Bird flu, drug test and more....


As Test-Taking Grows, Test-Makers Grow Rarer
The problem has sent states, testing comanies and big school districts into a heated hiring competition, with test companies offering salaries as high as $200,000 a year or more plus perks.

Drug tests likely for school athletes AP
The policy, which received preliminary approval from the executive committee of the Ney Jersey INterscholastic Athletic Association, would bar athletes from competing unless they and their parents agreed to random drug tests.

Bird Flu emergency teaching plan gets skeptical reception USA TODAY
President Bush's plan to slow the spread of a deadly pandemic flu devotes seven of its 227 pages to what schools and colleged can do in case a 1918-atyle flue epidemic hits the USA.

Florida High Schoolers to Begin Declaring Majors
The legislature gave final approval to a bill Thursday that requires high school students to declare a major, similar to college students.


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