Morning Round-up May 31, 2006

Black, Hispanic pupils see school as tough AP
Black and Hispanic students see school as a more rowdy, disrespectful and dangerous place than their white classmates do, a poll says.

Dole, McGovern champion free breakfast USAT
Thirty years after the national school lunch program made its debut, hunger relief organizations and food service providers are pushing to raise awareness about a virtually unknown federal service for children: free breakfast.

In Harm’s Way: Guns and kids Washington Post via CJC
Gun-owning parents who think their children don't know where firearms are kept or haven't handled the weapons without permission may be in for a disturbing surprise.

Don't demonize MySpace Chicago Tribune (column)
If you didn't know MySpace, recent media coverage might lead you to think the online social network was a newly discovered circle of a dark, hot place... Collectively it's starting to add up to something bordering on hysteria and a major public-relations problem.


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