Morning Round-up May 24, 2006

Suggested improvements to NCLB, lottery money for Chicago schools and more, program in NYC aims to offer opportunities to overlooked students and more...

National test would promote No Child goals
Philadelphia Inquirer
So the law needs serious revision and the place to start is by implementing a national standardized test, such as the NAEP.

Education Becoming Top Issue For D.C. Washington Post
Homeowners, business leaders and newcomers with a finacial stake in the District's economic revival are pushing the troubled D.C. school system to the top of the city's political agenda in a landmark election when voters will choose a mayor and a council chairman.

Gov's $10 billion jackpot for schools
Chicago Sun-Times
Gov. Blagojevch pushed a plan Tuesday to make Illinois the first state to put its lottery up for sale or lease, a move that could generate $10 billion -- including a $4 billion, four-year windfall of new dollars for school programs.

In Search of Standouts Who May Not Stand Out Enough
More than 90 percent of Posse students graduate within five years, compared with about 60 percent at private four-year institutions nationally.

Science scores up in grade four, stalled in grades 8 and 12
The lackluster performance by older children underscores the deep concern among political and business leaders who see eroding science achievement as a threat to the U.S. economy


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