Morning Round-up May 17, 2006

Ben Feller continues the conversation about the lack of recess in today's news...

Schools Plan in Nebraska Is Challeneged
In a constitutional challenege to a state law that would divide the Omaha public schools into three racially identifiable districts, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People sued the governor of Nebraska arguing that the law "intentionally" furthers racial segregation."

School recess: Playtime is no longer a given
One sure way to get parents exercised is to take away recess, the playful part of the school day when their kids can run wild. In some places it no longer exists.

New Exit Exam Suit Rejected
LA Times
Judge rules the state did not violate the law when it required igh school students to pass the test.

Odd Math for "Best High Schools" List
Newsweek says it can rank all 25,000 public high schools in the U.S by assigning a precise numerical value based on a single variable: the number of College Board Advanced Placement exams taken by students at a high school, divided by the number of graduating seniors.


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