Morning Round-up May 16, 2006

A little bit on Nonpartisan Legislative Analyst Elizabeth G. Hill who suggested Monday that the California Legislature reject the Governor's proposal for classroom supplies, arts and physical education programs and subsidized preschool expansion and instead spend on covering retirees with health insurance...

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Officials Seek Flexibilty on "No Child" Law Washington Post
Fairfax County school officials say the sanctions imposed under the federal No Child Left Behind Act aren't helping struggling studetns, and the system is seeking permission to try a different approach at one school.

U.S. immigrants lag behind in school, but gaps are bigger in other nations
The findings are based on the Program for International Student Assessment, a test that measures the literacy of 15-year olds and how well they apply skills to the real world.

Janey Proposes 6 Schools to Close Washington Post
D.C. School Superintendent Clifford B. Janey yesterday recommended closing six of the city's public schools by August, the first phase of an effort to shirnk a vast majority of underused buidlings and redirect millions of dollars into academic programs to reverse dismal student achievement.

Analyst Gives Gov.'s Budget Mixed Review
LA Times
While applauding Schwarzenegger for paying down the state's debt, legislative expert says his plan would give too much to schools.


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