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A Victory for the Kids (Owen B. Robinson)
One of th greatest innovations in education ovr the past few years has been the advent of virtual schools. Virtual schools take advantage of the explosion of inexpensive and powerful technology to educate kids at home via computer.

Crusaders hit hard
Home-schoolers in Maryland are forming their own sports teams, and one of these, the Maryland Christian Saints took first in the field last year in Hartford County.

Who gets to decide who serves as school board chairs? NSBA
Should voters deice who sersves as leaders on local school boards? A Florida Senate bills would ensure that voters could elect school board chairs to four-year terms, "providing accountability and a consistent leadership", reads a supportive editorial in the Orlando Sentinel.

Email is passe, better start blogging
Many adolescents consider email passe, and instead use either instant messaging (IM) or blogging for their communication, says Moveable Type's Mena Trott, quoted in The Economist.

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