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Bloggers on probation, throwing money at think tanks, EdWeek "stenographers," and school speed limits.


School District Warns Bloggers Education Matters. US
The students at 2 Lake County schools have been warned about their blogging.

Throwing Money at Think Tank EducationNews
In his report, Graduation Rates in the United States , Greene denied the existence of completion ratios and accused the Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics of “not providing” this key information to the public and, thereby, misleading the public.Believing Greene's report, some journalists accused education statisticians of ignorance and fraud.

I can't drive 25 Miami Gradebook
School zones are actually 15 mph, but that doesn't have Sammy Hagar's brilliant rhyme scheme.

Teacher Induction: Ed Week Stenographers at it Again Ed Knows Policy
The thing that really bugs me is that EdWeek seems to have their problem again with a malfunctioning bullshit filter.

Learning to Communicate the 20th Century AssortedStuff
The College of Education at our local University is sponsoring a summer institute for school administrators on "effective communication and community engagement."

Educational Sites at Their Best? Andy Carvin
While all of these sites have their strengths, overall I found myself underwhelmed by this year’s winners. I would have thought that the best educational websites of 2006 would demonstrate best practices of how to engage students in online learning, including having students using the Internet to create their own content.

My Ten Commandments for Education
Going to the Mat
Last Week, I posted a little commentary about NEA President Reg Weaver's Ten Commandments for Education. This week, here are my Ten Commandments for Education.

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