Backlash Against Illegal Immigrant Kids (But Not Alberto Gonzalez)

Well, so much for my misty-eyed hopes that the immigration reform debate wouldn't end up being at least in part about immigrant kids. Last week over on Fox, Michelle Delacrocce -- the right's own Cindy Sheehan -- called out President Bush and others for letting illegal kids "dumb down American children and overpopulate our schools." (Media Matters via Huffington Post).

Meantime, some Senators moved to make English the national lanaguage. Oh, and Attorney General AlbertoGonzalez admits that his grandparents might have been illegal.

UPDATE: There's also a great NYT Week In Review explainer on how the Sensennbrenner bill and the Minutemen, plus new business and labor alliances, have strengthened pro-immigrant advocacy, even as the right has made immigration into nearly as big a hot-button issue as abortion.


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