Morning Round-up April 6, 2006

Vouchers, vocational training, very little tutoring, and more...


Program on Vouchers Draw Minority Support NYT
Last year, parents appeared lukewarm toward the program, which was put in place by Congressional Republicans as a five-year pilot program, But this year, it is attracting more participation, illustrating how school-choice programs are winning over minority parents, traditionally a Democratic constituency.

Few Students Seek Free Tutoring or Tranfers From Failing Schools NYT
Only a small fraction of public school students who were eligible last year for free tutoring of for transfers out of failing schools under federal law recieved those options.

U.S. teenagers lack financial literacy USA Today
U.S. teenagers are making little headway when it comes to financial literacy, a survey out Wednesday shows.

Dade selected as one of 5 most-improved urban school districts Miami Hearald
Recognizing improved test scores - especially among black, Hispanic, and low-income students - a prominent research center has chosen Miami-Dade as one of five finalists for a national award.

Struggling Students Want Vocational Education, Poll Shows LA Times
Most American high schools phased out vocational education years ago, motivated by complaints that it was used as a tool to "track" African American and Latino students into low-paying careers.


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