Morning Round-up April 5, 2006

Charter vs. Public, gifteds and NCLB, charter audits, cops in schools and more...


Public vs. Private Schools: A New Debate
Two high-profile battles in New York City show how difficult it is to find space for charter schools in a city with expensive real estate.

No Child Left Behind? Ask the Gifted NYT
Despite all the talk about America losing its edge in the global market, programs for the gifted and talented are threatened on several fronts.

Students want cops in classes Chicago Sun-Times
At least 150 students played hooky from Kennedy High School on Tuesday to demand extra security in their Southwest Side school, saying they'd even welcome cops in the classroom to stem rising violence.

Gorman's success inspires bigger ideas
Charlotte Observer
As Superintendent Peter Gorman walks through schools in this suburban Los Angeles district, he frequently stops.

Charter audits leave questions open, records closed
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Recently released audit reports for the state's biggest charter school operator raise at least two more questions than they settle on the matter of who's profitting from Ohio's alternative-school experiement.

State Steps in Under NCLB in Baltimore EdWeek
Maryland became the first state to use its authority under the No Child Left Behind Act to seize control of failing schools when the state board of education voted this week to take over 11 middle and high schools in Baltimore.


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