Morning Round-up April 27, 2006

Low marks in polls, Judges weigh in a education spending, students with parents in jail, and more...

Public Systems Get Low Marks in Poll
LA Times
Californians are increasingly frustrated and dissatisfied with their public school system, and so skeptical about government's ability to spend money wisely that they oppose any general tax increase to improve education, according to a statewide poll scheduled to be released today.

A mentor makes a difference Philadelphia Daily News
About 2.4 million children have a parent in jail in the U.S. Without help from a caring, involved adult, up to 70 percent of those children could easily follow their mother's or father's path and wind up in jail.

Educating from the Bench Opinion Journal (via educationnews.org)
Spending is so low, these litigants claim, that it is in violation of state constitutional provisions requiring an "adequate" educatiom. And in almost half the states, the courts have agreed.

School Board to consider returning to more rigorous grading standards Las Vegas Sun
The Clark County School District is turning back the clock on grades, trying to raise both academic standards and accountability by returning to a strict numerical scale for weighing student acheivement.


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