Morning Round-up April 17, 2006

Bullying, unions, drop-outs, drug convictions and more...


MD to Use Data to Combat Bullying
Washington Post
Maryland's middle school students are more likely than their elementary or high school peers to be involved in incidents of bullying and other harrasment, according to a recently released state report - the first such effort to track the problem.

Union Wants Early Say on School Reform LA Times
Intent on being a player in the ongoing scrum over the future of Los Angeles schools, the powerful teachers union and a coalition of community organizations will outline Monday their own plan to overhaul the city's public school system.

Changes target potential dropouts Orlando Sentinel
Last year, more than 51,000 Florida students who should have been in the class of 2005 failed to march in cap and gown. At least 30 percent of the state's students typical do not graduate in four years, an attrition rate often shrugged off as inevitable.

Drug convictions cost students their financial aid USA TODAY
Drug convictions cost students their financial aid today by Students for Sensible Drug Policy says 189,065 people have been turned down for financial aid since the federal government added a drug conviction question to the financial aid form in the 2000-01 school year.

New D.C. Test Demands More than Circling an Answer

Washington Post
With Exam Next Week, Schools Busy Showing Students How to Turn Analytical Skills Into Written Responses.


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