Morning Round-up, April 13, 2006

LA take over, NYC model for urban schools, rigorous math classes and more...


Details of Schools Takeover Emerge LA Times
As mayor Antonio Villaraigosa pursues control of the Los Angeles school ssytem, his advisors are considering wide-ranging changes that could gut the central bureaucracy, sell the district's headquarters, keep students in class until 5 PM, and extend the academic year to 10 1/2 months.

Maryland and Baltimore at Odds Over City Schools NPR
The Maryland legislature has blocked a proposed state takeover of 11 Baltimore schools. The schools have limped along for years with low student achievement. The school district says it's fixing the problems. But state officials are skeptical.

In NYC, model emerges for fixing urban schools USA TODAY
Annoyed with embarrasingly bad schools you don't control? Persuade the legislature to hand you the reins. No money to fund a Leadership Academy? Get corporate leaders to donate $70 million. Have too many schools spinning wheels? Put high-performing charter schools inside existing schools.

Pawlenty's math instruction goal might not add up St. Paul Pioneer Press
In a plan first touted in last month's State of the State address, Pawlenty said he wants all eighth graders to take Algebra 1 and high schoole students to pass Algebra 2 before graduation.

Backstory: A teen ‘hijabi’ comes of age CSM
Behind the counter of Brigham’s Grille, 16-year-old Sarah Ismail takes rapid-fire orders. Customers’ eyes, invariably, settle on the head scarf Sarah wears beneath her Brigham’s cap. In all her faithfulness, Sarah is a committed Muslim. She is also, in her autonomy and ambition, and in the premium she places on her freedom of expression, a thoroughly American teenager, intent on becoming herself.


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