Morning Round-up April 12, 2006

Grading Principals, better teachers, STAND UP, interview with Spellings and more....


Principals' Jobs on Line as City Grades Schools NYT
Schools Chancellor Joel I Klein yesterday accelerated his drive to hold educators accountable for student achievement, announcing the New York City's more than 1,400 schools will be graded each year just like students, from A to F. Principals whose schools persistently fail could be removed, he said.

Better Teachers, but Still Too Few LATimes
Public Schools in California have made great strides in increasing the overall number of classes taught by highly qualified teachers, but the state still lags in finding experienced teachers willing to work at high-poverty schools in inner cities, a national panel heard Tuesday.

National Campaign to Address America's Education Crisis
National coalition calls on all Americans to STAND UP for excellent highs chools that prepare every student for success.

Exclusive CBN News Interview with Education Secretary Margaret Spellings
CBN News
White House Correspondent Melissa Charbonneau recently talked one-on-one with Secretary Spellings on efforts to boost America's failing math and science scores.

Leaving too many children behind
Cavalier Daily
TOO OFTEN good intentions go awry, leading to detrimental, ineffective action. The No Child Left Behind Act has been in effect for over four years and fits this criteria.


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