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Ring tone protests, Jewish carnivals, censored news clips, and the US of Mexico -- it's my own little best of the best of the education blogs.


United States of Mexico Joanne Jacobs Immerse immigrant students in American culture, writes Aaron Hanscom, a substitute elementary teacher in mostly Hispanic schools, in the Orange County Register. Most of his students say "Los Angeles" or "California" when asked what country they live in.

Identify the Evil Genius Intercepts He wants mayoral control of the school board; state audit of classroom spending; an end to the district's "culture of complacency; longer school days and an academic year of 10 1/2 months; teachers' pay tied to their responsibilities, not to seniority; and an increase in the number of charter schools. When asked about the response of the teachers' union to these proposals, he replied, "They're going to go nuts when [we] do it."

Ed Week Goes Blogback! Eduwonk

Giddy up! Here's a really gratuitous pop from Education Week... not that there is anything wrong with it... Accompanying this story about the woes of ELC and the Follow the Leaders Project is this photograph of former Deputy Secretary of Education Eugene Hickok (who is barely even mentioned in the story!)...What’s next, an article on STEM careers and a picture of Margaret Spellings with a bong?

There They Go Again AFTBLog
Back when President Bush found out the U.S. Department of Education had hired Armstrong Williams to promote NCLB, he declared, "Our agenda ought to be able to stand on its own two feet." Apparently, the word didn't trickle down to the appointees at the U.S. Department of Education (ED) who put out "No Child Left Behind Extra Credit," an online newsletter.

Protesting Their Right To Ring-Tones Ed Wonks
In New York City, some students are loudly protesting the loss of what they view as their God-given right.... to bring cell phones to school.

Carnival of Education Blogs Magic School Bus A roundup of the education blogs -- this one in the style of Passover.


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