The Best of the Blogs This Week

The "READ MORE" gizmo isn't working, so we'll keep this blog roundup short:

Microbiology for preschoolers Aetiology
Tara Smith, an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology spent a day teaching 3, 4, and 5 year olds about germs. Apparently the latex gloves were a bigger hit than the mircoscope.

Where NCLB Meets Special Ed NCLB Let’s Get It Right
In an article that strikes many of the same nerves jangled by last week's big Associated Press story, Education Daily is reporting that 9 of 10 schools are not reporting special education figures to the USDE.

Jonathan Kozol -- Education's Greatest Monster
D-ED Reckoning
In two parts, D-ED Reckoning describes Kozol's latest move: actively bashing effective instructional programs that are successful in educating poor kids.

A Think Tank's Credibility Tanks EducationNews.org
From Nancy Salvato: I was amused, as I'm sure are many others, to read about a group of education researchers involved in what is being called “The Think Tank Review Project”.

Science Tuesday: The Hip-Hoppers The Education Wonks
I guess that schools have to do whatever it takes in order to hook kids into science. (Be sure also to check out the Wonks' inimitable Carnival of Education.)


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