What The Press Is Missing In Its PreK Coveage

As you may recall, I've been calling on the good folks at the Hechinger Institute to ramp up their efforts (The Hechinger That Could Be). Just in time, the latest issue of the Institute's Pre-K Compass is out, and it's an interesting mix of story roundup and media criticism.

Most notably, the newsletter takes on the coverage of Illinois Governor Rod Blagejovich's PreK For All proposal as being inaccurate and shallow. Snap! There are some good points there, and some good angles to pursue. There's also a lot of information and links -- as well as (you guessed it) yet another recap of Kat Boo's New Yorker article.

Anyway, I can't find it easily on the Hechinger website and the version I got is a Word document that's got too much code to transfer easily here. But I'm sure you can get it if you email Hechinger@tc.columbia.edu.


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