Stability -- But No Successor -- In Boston

One of the many things I learned about outgoing Boston supt. Tom Payzant for my upcoming Education Next article that won't be in the final piece is that -- for someone who was notoriously methodical and clear-thinking about his work -- neither Payzant nor his supporters put a whole lot of clarity or method into the issue of who would replace him when he left.


He did, however, agree to a checkup of sorts, which is now finally out. It looks back at his accomplishments and, to a smaller extent, towards the future, and is in some ways very thorough and well-timed. It can't, however, erase the fact that neither Payzant not his supporters groomed a successor as they might have, and that the selection of a new superintendent to replace him looks like it is going to be extremely contentious.

Payzant has been Mr. Stability -- in the best sense -- and many districts would be lucky to emulate the experience of Boston over the last decade. However, the stability seems unlikely to last much beyond his departure.


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