Morning Roundup - March 22 2006

Bird flu, student aid, NAACP on NCLB, and more.


Schools urged to take bird flu preparations seriouslyAP
The nation’s schools, recognized incubators of respiratory diseases among children, are being told to plan for the possibility of an outbreak of bird flu.

Federal Aid Is Focus of a Lawsuit by Students NYT
A student organization is suing the United States Education Department over a lawsuit that denies federal financial aid to 35,000 students a year because they were convicted of drug offenses while receiving the aid.

NAACP Holds Town Hall on No Child Left Behind US Newswire
On Wednesday, March 22nd, the Connecticut State NAACP will convene the first in a series of town hall meetings to discuss the organizations involvement in the controversial No Child Left Behind lawsuit between the State of Connecticut and the federal government.

Education">Standardized Tests Face a Crisis Over Standards NYT
Never has the nation's education system been so reliant on standardized tests and the companies that make them

~ Margaret Paynich


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