Morning Roundup Friday March 24 2006

Advocates file against districts for not complying with NCLB, more money for NYC schools, student loans, and more.


Two groups say school districts violated US law Washington Times
Two national groups promoting education reform have filed complaints against two California public-school systems, charging that they are violating federal law by not telling parents of children in failing schools about transfer options.

Hundreds of teachers not qualified, city says Boston Globe
Nearly 9 percent of Boston public schools teachers are not qualified to teach under federal standards, primarily because they flunked the state teacher's test and do not have teaching licenses, Boston school officials said this week.

Judges Once Again Order More Money for City Schools NYT< st="on">New York City schools were being shortchanged by at least $4.7 billion annually in state aid, adding more firepower to the city's plea for more education money as lawmakers try to wrap up work on a state budget.

Student loans = major debt Courier News Online
Despite rising tuition costs and mounting student debt, Congress has voted to raise interest rates on federal student loans at a time when many are struggling to pay off their debt. Even some members of Congress who earn $165,200 a year are still paying off student loans.


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