Monday's Clips March 27 2006

All reading and math, all the time, learning gaps, majors for high school kids, and more.


Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math NYT
Thousands of schools across the nation are responding to the No Child Left Behind law’s reading and math testing requirements by reducing class time spent on other subjects and, for some low-proficiency students, eliminating it.

Glaring Gaps in Learning, Tests Show The Providence Journal
The results of the new tests given to elementary and middle school students in Rhode Island tell an old and sobering story: students in urban schools trail far behind their counterparts in suburban and rural districts.

Telling the Truth Daily Press VA
The drumbeat of opposition to No Child Left Behind was once again heard in the General Assembly. And once again it caught the ear of legislators and persuaded them to pass some misguided legislation.

Sweeping public education reform debated Palm Beach Post
Under a far-reaching education proposal that the state House approved Thursday on a straight party-line vote, Florida High School students you have to declare majors and minors in the 9th grade.

Forum on 'No Child' act brings out sharp division Mercury News
The federal government’s No Child Left Behind Act proved just as contentious during a forum on Palo Alto on Saturday as it is on the national scene.


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