NCLB Meets MySpace: Ct. AG Blumenthal Joins WitchPerv-Hunt

Wired magazine takes a critical look at the MySpace crackdown, pointing out that in many cases parents, educators, public officials -- and the press -- are over-reacting to the sudden creation of 57 million online profiles -- mirroring previous hype about chat rooms, heavy metal music, and violent comic books.

"There have been more articles on MySpace predators than there's been reported predators online," says one UC Berkeley expert in the article.

Could you, dear reader, be one of those over-reactors? I think you could. But you're not alone. Fearless NCLB lawsuit filer (and defendant) Ct. AG Richard Blumenthal recently announced a criminal probe into the online service's practices. Coming Next: Federal Government Blocks Spoof Margaret Spellings Profile On MySpace.


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