A Moment of Agreement on Spellings

It's not often that I find myself agreeing with much of what's written on the website Schools Matter (except of course the title of the blog). But to every rule there's an exception, and this one (Margaret Spellings is not a Mensch ) comes courtesy of guest blogger Judy Rabin, who asks the question "Why is it every time a pundit talks about the colossal failure and abuses of those in this administration, education is always left off the list?"


Good question. Riffing off the NYT article about the lack of menches in government, Rabin covers some ground that I have covered in past posts, including the bunny rabbit episode (Secretary Spellings -- Education's Very Own Oprah, What to Wear to Your 2nd SOTU As A Cabinet Member? Pink). Rabin points out Spellings' lack of educational qualifications, which are also worth noting and often left out of the press.

Of course, this being Schools Matter, it doesn't take long for all this to come off the tracks, and sure enough the rest of the post dissolves into a rant about Spellings' reign of terror and the spread of testing into high schools and colleges, massive budget cuts, etc. But still. We had a moment.


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