What Do K12 Leaders Think About the New Frist Grants?

Doug Lederman has a nice writeup of the whole ugly SMART, ProGAP, etc. story behind what I'm calling the Frist grants ("The Gift Colleges Don't Want") at Inside Higher Ed, the upstart version of the Chronicle.

If you want to know how programs get created, this is the place to look. Unless you're squeamish.

I only wish I cared that much about higher education -- and that someone would report on what the K12 folks have to say about this whole "rigorous" curriculum thing. I'm sick of hearing from higher ed Hill staffers, lobbyists and association heads.


Anonymous Jill Davidson said...

Thanks for the link to Lederman's piece - really useful. Yesterday, we posted some thoughts about the implications of "rigorous" curriculum from the point of view of the Coalition of Essential Schools at http://www.essentialblog.org/archives/2006/01/23/the_serious_financial_implicat.php - as most readers will guess, we're all for more higher ed financial aid but there's a lot that we see to worry about here.

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