Vouchers: Dumb Issue Even For Education

I've been trying to avoid having to keep up with all this voucher nonsense in Florida. But that doesn't mean I can't pull together some good links for you.


My aversion to to the Florida voucher issue can be explained easily:

First off, it's about vouchers, which means everyone gets to bring out their ritualized arguments for and against. Snooze.
I left working in the Senate primarily to avoid ever having to write another floor statement about vouchers. It's like listening to a professor read off of yellowed lecture notes. Over and over again.

Secondly, it takes place in Florida. Double snooze. The only thing I'm interested in that happens in Florida is whether the aliens in "Surface" (or is it the other one?) are evil or not.

But that doesn't mean I can't give you the best links. (If you read them, tell me what I need to know.) And so:

Vouchers Are NOT Like Pell Grants National Center for Public Education (via ENews)
Florida Voucher Ruling Roils School Choice Waters Education Week
Florida vouchers: What comes next? Gadfly
After setback, what's next for vouchers?Christian Science Monitor
Blame the Legislature for ruling on vouchers Palm Beach Post


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