Boy Hype: Is the Standards Movement Hurting Boys?

For months and months, there's little or nothing about boys and education. Then, seemingly out of the blue, there's too much.

With this week's issue, Newsweek is the latest to get on this particular bandwagon (I hopped on just a few minutes before them).

Sometimes there are virtues to being last.


There's scads of stuff in the cover package: The Trouble With Boys."They're kinetic, maddening and failing at school. Now educators are trying new ways to help them succeed."

In it, one neurologist calls most teaching a "biologically disrespectful" model of education. A conservative scholar blames the current situation on "misguided feminism" from the 1990s.

And the standards and accountability movement is blamed for creating new pressures that are "undermining the strengths and underscoring the limitations of what psychologists call the "boy brain"—the kinetic, disorganized, maddening and sometimes brilliant behaviors that scientists now believe are not learned but hard-wired."

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