The First Ever "This Week In Education" Reader Contest: Name the "Next" NCLB

Even before anyone has a chance to try out the new "growth" model pilot, a handful of organizations have already put together their recommendations for the next NCLB. How fun.

Not that I've read them or anything, but here they are, courtesy of NCLB Insights:

National Association of Secondary School Principals PDF
National School Boards Association PDF
National Conference of State Legislators

At this point, however, I think the most important thing we should be figuring out is what to call the next version of the law. I mean, "No Child Left Behind" was certainly better than the Clinton-era "Improving America's Schools Act." And the original law's name, the "Elementary and Secondary Education Act," seems as outdated as high-waisted pants. (Or are those in again?)

Anyone got any ideas? Post any you have. In the spirit of the Washington Post's Style Invitational, I'll give a worthless prize and some measure of notoriety to the smartypants (you) who comes the closest to getting it right, and honorable mentions to those who are particularly funny.


Blogger Mike Klonsky said...

No Child Left or No Child Left With a Behind

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Alan said...

The above abbreviated act has taken local control away and replaced it with a Federal system that makes teaching to the test critical for fiscal solvency. I there for would re name the act as ~ The


Federal Education Act to Destroy Meaningful Education As We Know It act

12:52 PM  

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