EdWeek Covers the Business of Education

Just moments after I finished ranting about how there's too little coverage of the business of education (So Much Business In Education -- And So Little Coverage), EdWeek shows up with a trio of articles on just that:

Educate Inc. Puts Division Up for Sale
And you thought that SES meant great business for the for-profits.

Management Writer Applies Principles to K-12 Education

What your principal or superintendent has on his/her nightstand.

Table: Rating Municipal Bonds

A key determinant for how much money is left over for teaching.

And, if you want an insider's view of how the school improvement industry is stalled out (and why), read Dean Millot's article: Recognizing, Internalizing and Reducing the Industry’s Political Risk (SIIW). It's a fascinating look at how the other half thinks.


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