Chicago's OMSI Perpares for the ACT

The tough breaks just keep coming for Marty Gartzman et al in the CPS math and science office (many of whom I finally met just before the holidays -- hi, Marty!).

First, math and science scores don't respond as quickly as some wanted to the office's curriculum and PD initiatives. Then, not overyone everyone responds enthusiastically to the high school transformation plan put out this fall by OMSI and the literacy and planning folks.

Now -- thankfully at a time when no one's really paying attention -- OMSI hands out 100 CDs to HS math chairs that has an embarassing mis-spelling: Good Thing They Weren't English Teachers (WBBM via Chicagoist). The explanation? It was an intern's mistake.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're not immune from this, either, Russo. "overyone"? Wonder what was going on with WBBM--you'd think they'd have better things to write about. You'd think you would, too.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Alexander Russo said...

hilarious -- thanks, anonymous. and no, we don't have better things to write about. got any suggestions?

9:24 AM  

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