Will States Boost Preschool Like They Did Last Year?

Early childcare advocates are certainly hoping they will. Last year (Preschool boost in '05 Stateline.org) was a boon year:

"At least 180,000 more children have access to preschool this year after lawmakers in 26 states boosted pre-K funding by $600 million during 2005 legislative sessions, the largest single-year increase for preschools in five years, according to a report issued Nov. 16 by Pre-K Now, a national advocacy group that supports universal access to preschool."

"Only three states -- Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma -- have statewide preschool programs, but another 36 states offer preschool for some the state’s neediest children...Nine states -- Idaho, Indiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming -- do not fund preschool."

Read the report: Voters Choose PreK Now PDF

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