A&F TShirt Controversy: Who Needs Brains?

Who needs brains when you've got state senators like this one who to over-react (and help Ambercrombie & Fitch sell more clothes)? State senator targets A&F shirts (Tribune)?

Not to be outdone, some folks on the right are trying to put together a boycott of dolls: Taking target at American Girl.

Is this like going "postal"?
Parents going organic Boston Globe
Parents with pesticide fears turn to organic baby food USAT

Audio/video special: Even as federal budget cuts may hit programs for the poor (Budget Cuts to Hit the Neediest the MostNPR), The Daily Show is making fun of.. you guessed it.. being poor: Video: Tragically Hip

Sweet-Talking Kids Into Smoking ABC News
Biodiesel School Bus Power Wired
Shall I compare thee to a SMS? Joanne Jacobs

Fear of Blogging Assorrted

Home ec is for the boys Salon.com
The party’s over at many elementary schools WashPost via DA Daily

Student sells homework site for $1.25M eSN

Last but not least, Wonkette digs up this pair of headlines -- one real, the other fake:

"Youthful drinking is tied to violence, risky sex, poor grades and drunken driving." -- The Washington Post, 11/01/2005

"Teen Sex Linked To Drugs And Alcohol, Reports Center For Figuring Out Really Obvious Things" -- The Onion, 05/01/2002


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