Gay Teens, Fathers Pro and Con, & Why Girls Are So Raunchy These Days

First, there’s this week’s Time cover story, The Battle Over Gay Teens (via Wonkette), which, in a very mainstream way, covers all things gay and teen and shows how gay teens are being politicized. (Yes, those shell necklaces from the 70's are back in.)

Then there’s a great piece in the Monitor about efforts to get fathers, especially minority ones, involved in schools: Fathers are on the march ... to school (CSM).

Looking at fatherhood from the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum, Caitlin Flanagan dissects some latte-lovers’ notions that maybe fathers aren’t all that necessary to parent effectively: Boys Will Be Boys (Atlantic Monthly).

Last but not least – what a strange set of articles this is – comes Salon’s take on why so many girls and younger women have taken on a raunchy, highly sexualized style: Girls gone wild (Salon).


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