First Appearance on Chicago Public Radio's "Month In Review"

After months and months of begging and wheedling, I finally got my chance to do the WBEZ "Month In Review" segment on Friday morning, during which I matched wits (or almost) with Lester Munson of SI, Jodi Wilgoren of the NYT, and Steve Edwards the show's host.

My usual gig on BEZ is an occasional education segment, usually just me and Steve talking about whatever's happening (or not) in Chicago schools. By contrast, like WTTW's "Week In Review," which I've also done a few times, the MIR show has little to do with education reform and is lots of fun for someone like me who loves politics and gossip.

My best observations, so far as I can tell, were (a) calling the growing possibility of a smoking ban in Chicago a bigger story than the White Sox win, (b) naming the Governor and Bob Sirott as the biggest losers of the month, (c) pointing to an Onion headline in which the Fox network asks the White Sox to play a "real" World Series with the Yankees, and (d) naming the Judy Miller story the most over-reported story of the month. If only I'd been smart enough to name Pat Fitzgerald the biggest winner of the month.

In any case, it was a lot of fun, and I loved being on the show. You can read a summary on Eric Zorn's blog here (scroll to the bottom) or listen to the segment on the Internet here.


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