Chicago Roundup: Ren-10 Round 2 & More

INCS and LQE to "Merge"
Eggers' Tutoring Outfit Comes to Chicago

Ren10, Round 2
: According to the LQE Friday Fax (which INCS will hopefully retain), CPS will announce the Board’s recommendations for new Ren10 schools on Wednesday, with public hearings to follow at Calumet High School, Howland, and Austin.

Last week, the Board approved changes to Ren10 that I don't entirely understand: CPS Expands Definition of Renaissance Schools (PDF). However, I wonder (a) if they took most of the TAC recommendations this year or not? Remember how it went last year? If not, see Waiting for the other shoe to drop. I also wonder (b) if they’ll give any charters out (they only have six left) or "convince" all the folks who want charters to take contracts instead. Only the very brave or very naive will do so. Last but not least, I wonder (c) how the original Renaissance and Round 1 schools are really doing?

Wednesday is also the first BPI /Catalyst ed policy luncheon.

City Hall Clout @ the BOE? Wondering why the special master set up to oversee city hiring and ensure compliance with the Shakman decree isn’t on the job at the Board of Education? I was. What I found out from the Board is that, while the Mayor may have organizational control over the Board of Education, the Board is still its own taxing authority and has its own hiring procedures and HR department that have not, thus far, been part of the complaints about clout and hiring as in other city departments. There's gotta be more to it, but that's as far as I got.

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