Research Assistant/Intern Needed at "This Week In Education"

Are you a cunning policy analyst, an open-minded educator, or a savvy journalist in training looking for a great part-time work experience this fall? If so, this may be the opportunity for you:

"This Week In Education," one of the most widely-read and respected education blogs in the nation, is now looking for a brilliant, highly-motivated research assistant/intern for the 05-06 school year.

Responsibilities include gathering and analyzing media coverage of education issues, field reporting (press events, school visits, conference calls), and writing and editing posts. Benefits include first-hand experience working in education writing and bylined clips from the website.

Hours and schedule are flexible but ideally amount to 4-8 hours per week. The ideal candidate is based in Chicago and could work onsite at the Wicker Park-based blogging complex at least part of the time. The position offers neither pay nor health benefits. Diet Coke and limitless amounts of cereal are provided.

Please send inquiries (with a resume or job history of some kind) to AlexanderRusso@aol.com

Feel free to pass this announcement along to friends, students, or related listserves.


Blogger Tim said...

Make it regular Pepsi and Cap'n Crunch and I might be tempted to move to Chicago! :-)

5:49 PM  

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