Post-Hurricane Focus on Achievement Gaps and the Underclass

The main thing that seems to be going on these days is a lot of swirling news and commentary about equity and achievement gaps -- perhaps obviously in light of the vivid reminder of the existence and struggles of Amercia's underclass that came from the recent hurricanes.

Another reason is that, for the second time in a week, there's a NYT piece focusing on achievement gaps hidden beneath the surface of most education systems: The Achievement Gap in Elite Schools.

It's worth noting that, since last week, a couple of folks have come out and questioned whether the gap closing in Wake County that was reported recently in the Times is for real: Fake Educational Miracle In Wake County North Carolina(Common Voice), Erasing Inequality (New York Sun via Gadfly).

There was also a hearing on achievement gaps in the House education committee: Kati Haycock Testimony, Richmond minorities closing gap Times Dispatch

I'll leave the instant anlysis of today's Hurricane-related news to others:
'No Child' Rules to Be Eased for a Year Washington Post

And I'm pretty jaded about NCLB complaints at this point:
No Child Left Behind delivers more hoops News Journal
No school nurses left behind Salon Magazine
Law fails test on minority students USA Today

The lawsuit in Florida is also moving ahead:
Suing a School District for Failing to Educate Jenny D

Thankfully, the NCLB tutoring requirement continues to delight and amuse:
Deadline extended for tutor program LATimes
Use tutors, not transfers Palm Beach Post
Tutors going untapped Miami Herald


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