Opportunism & Hype in the Hurricane Katrina Response

Other than the many individual schools and teachers that are doing right by the displaced kids, nobody in the education world is looking so good in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Some schools and districts are apparently unclear about their responsibilities to educate displaced students: Law Requires Homeless Children Have Access to Public School (NYT).

Some states and advocacy groups are trying to line up for more money and justify NCLB waivers, which the USDE is apparently considering:Requests Seek Financial Aid, Policy Waivers,
Secretary to Weigh NCLB Waivers for Crisis on a Case-by-Case Basis (EdWeek)

Meanwhile, the White House and USDE are proposing a $500 million school aid plan that includes a voucher element: Bush Proposes Private School Relief Plan (Washington Post) -- a proposal that many Democrats have already spoken out against and Eduwonk thinks might be a big deal and/or a political trap....or it might not. (Ah, the perils of instant analysis.)

Joanne Jacobs writes: Oh Suck It Up.


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