News & Notes from Around the Education Blogs

More than you could ever hope to read over at the Education Wonks' Carnival Of Education: Week 34.

Jay Mathews asks -- and answers -- a question that many others have or will ask themselves in the coming years: Why Did I Ignore Charter Schools?

Last week's education blog bully the Ed-Tech Insider Recants -- Sort of:

"If I'm going to make snarky posts about the lack of authoritative voices in the education blogosphere, I need to also fly the flag when established leaders start to take a more active role. Anne points out that the long-haired hippies at the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development have set up a blog for their upcoming conference on teaching and learning."

There are also a few education-related sites and stories that are finalists over at CyberJournalist.com, including: Get Schooled education blog (Atlanta Journal-Constitution), My Favorite Teacher (Philadelphia Inquirer), Class Matters (New York Times), and the Chronicle of Higher Education.


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