Dispositions, Migration, and Hard Work (Teachers and Teaching)

I’m generally for teachers.

The New College Try
Slate via SmartBrief
For Montessori School, A Hands-On Approach
What I Learned in Elementary School
American Educator

I’m pretty much against the current practice of encouraging them to migrate wherever they want to go.

A-list teachers avoid poor kids LA Daily News via Gadfly

Romney wants teacher merit pay
Tenure, Turnover and the Quality of Teaching NYT
Schools Chief Urges Teacher Pay Changes NYT
N.Y.C. Pressed on Staffing Neediest Schools
Minority pupils shortchanged LA Times
Teacher-Turnover Cost
Teacher Sorting, Teacher Shopping, and the Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness

What if being a good teacher had more to do with how you thought than what you knew or did?

The dispositional dispute
Education Next
NCATE Response on Dispositions (on the Fordham site)

The Ideology and Best Practice of Effective Teachers of Diverse Children and Youth in Poverty Education News


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