Online Libraries, Hidden Sex Games, and the End of "Playing Outside" (Technology and Education)

Hidden Sex Scenes in Grand Theft Auto NYT
A not-so-innocent video game turns triple-X.

Childhood pastimes are increasingly moving indoors USAT
No more "go outside and play" for today's kids.

Tell the Children It's a Toy NYT
They might learn something.

This online library will read to kids, but will it isolate them too? CSM
Or: why I hate iPods.

Pitching cell phones to the younger set Wash Post via DA Daily
Scary trends but not really that new.

Getting Things Done: A New Cult for the Info Age Wired
The newest refuge of the disorganized teacher.

Many Teachable Moments Assorted Stuff

Think before you blog.

Going to School by Way of the Net NYT


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