Now There's No Excuse Not to Cover Pre-K

A couple of weeks ago the Hechinger Institute put out a report showing that the education press isn't doing right by early childood coverage, and missing out on lots of good stories.

This week, the Harvard Education Letter lets loose with some new articles to help you get up to speed. Their new site, Focus on Early Childhood Education (www.hel-earlyed.org), is just recently online and includes a bunch of full-text articles, including:

Early Childhood Education at a Crossroads (a great overview)

From Literacy to Learning: An Interview with Catherine Snow

Bridging the PreK-Elementary Divide (the school-level story)

Testing Goes to Preschool (the hot button political issue)


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Hi Alexander,
Just saw your piece about Pre-K coverage. EWA's website has an extensive center which is updated frequently. We've collected all the seminal studies, including the recent research on economic impact - as well as sources and reporters stories. We're adding state by state resources as well. Folks interested can follow this link to explore what's there http://www.ewa.org/desktopdefault.aspx?page_id=98

Lisa Walker
Education Writers Association
202 452 9830

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