Hating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

In anticipation of the upcoming remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the New Yorker's Margaret Talbot takes a look back at Roald Dahl -- the J.K. Rowling of another era -- and finds among other things that parents don't like him much:
"Dahl is also, however, a children’s writer whom many adults over the years have disliked or distrusted, though they have not always found it easy to say why."
Who knew that there was such a battle between kids and adults over Roald Dahl somewhat akin to the hatred directed by parents and teachers at Shel Silverstein or the Teletubbies, or the suspiciousness of C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia?

Why grown-ups hate Roald Dahl The New Yorker via Slate


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